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Another famous Aussie is coming

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Presenting in the UK for the first time, we are delighted to say that Heather Ellis will be joining us at the Overland Event 2022!

Heather has written 2 absolutely brilliant books: 'Ubuntu', about the 15 months she spent riding around Africa back in the early nineties, and 'Timeless on the Silk Road' which is so much more that an overland journey from the UK back to her native Oz.

Our Nich Brown was in Australia for the launch of Timeless a few years ago and we've been trying to coax her back to the UK since then, so this is great news! Sadly, although her trusty Yamaha TT600 is still alive and well, she won't be able to bring it with her. But don't worry, there'll be plenty more in the bikeshow to excite.

We hope to have stocks of both her books at the September Event. See you there!


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