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Brush up on your riding skills at The Event!

If you’ve visited previous Overland Events you’ll know that 'Cogs' and his team run a Motoskills Course, supported by Sinnis, where you have an opportunity to learn handy tricks, like riding up a flight of steps; always useful to access a hotel in Peru...

This year Jim Bryan, one of the friendly faces in the MotoSkills Course, is also going to be running a riding masterclass, or at least offering a session on advanced riding skills and how they can help you improve your overlanding experience.

He’s been riding since the age of twelve and teaching and coaching riders since the age of seventeen. That’s 46 years’ continuous off-roading experience and 43 years on tarmac, experience which he still uses wisely as a professional instructor on and off track, through his company Enhanced Riding.

He’s led tour groups to Scandinavia and North Africa and his attitude is very much one of coaching rather than instructing. It’s so much more effective and enjoyable for everyone to start where the client already is, as opposed to fitting people into a pre-formed schedule. We are delighted that he’s prepared to share some of his skill and knowledge with everyone this year.


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