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Updated: May 16, 2020

An obvious question is what effect will the current pandemic have on The Overland Event this year. The short answer is, at the time of writing (almost a month into lockdown) it's too early to tell what the world will look like by the beginning of September. Hopefully it'll be a lot brighter and current restrictions will be a not-so-distant memory.

Essentially, if it's both safe and legal to hold the Event, it will be going ahead! We don't currently expect the UK to be in a period of lockdown then - however, it's highly possible that there will still be some social distancing measures and restrictions in place, possibly including restrictions on the size of events.

If the restriction is lower than the capacity of the event, then only attendees who bought tickets in advance will be able to attend (no gate sales) and it will be "first bought, first served" - so if the law restricts us to a gathering of not more than 400 for example, only the first 400 ticket buyers would be able to attend this year (or 300, or a Winter Warmer sized 200). The Hill End Centre, our wonderful venue, is very understanding and will allow us to scale the event (and the related costs from their end) to whatever we are allowed to run.

In the meantime, while you are dreaming of September 3rd-6th and of riding your bike to Oxford, please stay home if at all possible. Stay safe. We wish you and your loved ones all the very best. By keeping 'apart together' now, we can all safely get 'together together' later in the year.


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