• Saul Jeavons

COVID Secure

As we head along the government's roadmap to get out of lockdown restrictions, hopefully by September, life will be mostly back to normal following the vaccination programme. Nothing is guaranteed of course, and if necessary we'll implement the same controls which allowed us to run the event last summer, with the authorities happy with our measures and zero cases of COVID transmission.

This year you may have read about the government's pilot scheme the Events Research Programme which is looking at models of admittance to events based on the use of Lateral Flow Tests. We are of course watching these developments with interest to see how they might facilitate an event with fewer restrictions, and how they might affect smaller events like ours vs the mass sporting events and indoor arena gigs the pilot is being designed around. Rest assured that we'll keep all Event Passport holders fully aware of whatever measures will be in place for the event, and how the rules differ from normal, or indeed from last year.

In the meantime, fingers crossed that by September things will be very much back to normal, and additional testing won't be necessary!