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If it's your first time, you'll need a map!

If it's the first time you've been to The Overland Event you may wonder why some people say they'll be camping in Africa, while others will be setting their tents up in Australia. Someone might even say they'll meet you for a beer in Northern Europe. How can this be??

Well, on the maps below you can see what they mean, as well as discover where the free tea and coffee is and of course where all the presentations will be taking place. You'll also see where the toilets and showers are, and the dorms if you've chosen a bed.

Schedules of what's on will be all around the venue, but you can also download a complete schedule here too.

Campsite Layout
Download PDF • 259KB

Presentation Venues and Refreshments
Download PDF • 231KB

Overland Event Site Overview
Download PDF • 131KB

Have a look at the whole site and feel free to wander around the 65 acres while you are there. There's a great view from the toilet and shower block up beside the dormitories; definitely worth the stroll in the morning, and you'll avoid any campsite shower queue!

2021 Overland Event Schedule FULL ONLINE
Download PDF • 366KB


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