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Pikilily is an organisation passionately dedicated to delivering motorcycle ambulance services, safe motorcycle training and female empowerment across Africa, in particular in Tanzania!

They offer repair services and road safety and maintenance training to organisations and to individuals.

Their vision is a world where motorcycles are the solution and not the problem.

Mental Health Motorbike aims to:

  • Promote a greater awareness of Mental Health.

  • Break down social isolation for those experiencing mental health issues.

  • Help people identify future purpose and equip them with a tool kit to develop. great wellbeing.

  • Create a vibrant network of volunteers running events and online activities throughout the year.

  • Support people in crisis and signpost them into appropriate support through one to one, group and peer support.

Funds raised by The Overland Event will be used to provide Mental Health First Aid Courses for the Overland community.

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“COCO is an international children’s charity that is working towards a world where every child, everywhere has access to a quality education. COCO’s current focus is on providing sustainable sources of quality education in East Africa. Through working with partner schools and organisations in the region, COCO aim to create sustainable schools through our Schools for Life programme."

“Modern Slavery is real. It is happening in our communities. We interact with it, often unaware of the forms it takes in nail bars, car washes, or even further down in the supply chains of our smartphone manufacturers and our favourite coffee producers. Unseen is working towards a world without slavery and we need you to help us make this a reality.”

“Healthcare delivery in rural areas clearly depends on transport, and the vehicles used need to be systematically selected and maintained. Motorcycle Outreach is a registered charity (non-profit) which assists governmental and non governmental organisations to do exactly this.”

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