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Terms and Conditions

By attending The Organisers events you hereby agree to comply with all of our terms and conditions:



Single day passes are NOT available for our events. Places at the events are limited and we recommend buying your Event Passport online in advance. You will be sent a registration confirmation email when you buy your Event Passport.


Please note that some of our events are Advance Ticket Only, so please check the detail for the event in question before travelling. At some events, and subject to available space, Event Passports may be able to be purchased on the gate, which will be at the full weekend price regardless of when you choose to arrive on site during the Event. We do not issue refunds, but should you wish to sell an Event Passport on, you can simply notify us of the new passport holder’s name and email address and we will transfer entry to them free of charge.


Rules of Entry

The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry and to request any attendee to leave the site if they have been deemed by the Organisers to have been disruptive or abusive toward any other attendee, volunteer, trader, exhibitor or staff member, in any manner. The Organisers operate a policy of non-racism, non-sexism and non-violence and expect all attendees to adhere to that. The Organisers make every effort

 to ensure that everyone at The Event stays safe and healthy, and a condition of admission is to comply with any Health and Safety policy, procedures or instructions which they may put in place. Their decision on what measures are necessary is final.


We operate a strict ‘no glass’ policy at all events, which extends to all glass containers. Please check the site rules for each event, as some sites we use strictly do not allow us to have dogs (other than registered assistance dogs) and camper vans, but others do.


Attendees under the age of 16 are free and welcome as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult. If their behaviour is deemed unsuitable, then both they and the adult responsible for them may be required to leave. The Organisers accept no responsibility for any minors on site, nor do we accept responsibility for loss or damage to property howsoever caused during our events.


In order to be fair to our exhibitors, traders, caterers and bar, no other attendee may offer for sale any item or actively solicit for or promote any other business. This extends to the entire site including the camping ground.


We are able to use our sites by agreement with the site owners, so please treat the sites with the respect they are due. Any attendee deemed to have intentionally damaged an Overland Event site will be liable to a penalty payment of £200 plus the cost of repair.


You are responsible for your safety whilst participating in activities at our events. We remind you that many elements of Road Traffic Law (including those relating to dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol or drugs) also apply on campsites and the Moto Skills Course. At events where Moto Skills Course and/or Test Rides are available, your participation is on the basis that you hereby agree to indemnify the event from any claim connected with your riding, including any incident resulting in your injury or death, and any damage to vehicles, equipment or other property.


Attendees assume all risk incidental to attendance of events and release anybody working for the Organisers, suppliers, sponsors, vendors or representatives from any and all liabilities, damages, costs and expenses arising from any cause whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to any damage, theft or loss of property or earnings, as well as any death or injury or damage to any person on the event site, or on any ride out or test ride which is organised as a part of the event.


Please be considerate to all, and keep night-time noise on the campsite to a minimum.

No open fires (including fire-bowls and barbeques) are permitted at our events other than those provided by us. Some Events have specific BBQ areas with food preparation surfaces for your convenience.


Modifications to programme.

We reserve the right to cancel, defer or modify the event proceedings without prior notice.



Whilst we hope you shall never have one and we will do our utmost to make sure you have no cause for complaint, if you do, it is in our interest to resolve any complaints as soon as they occur. We will personally deal with all complaints as soon as possible, acknowledging your complaint within 48 hours and keeping you informed of our progress during the complaints procedure. If you have a complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In all cases, where these Terms and Conditions state “the Organisers”, this shall be taken to mean Overland Events Ltd, Overland Magazine, Shuvvy Press Ltd and any associated companies. “Attendees” shall mean anyone attending an event in any capacity, including but not restricted to, ticket holders, press, guests, volunteers, exhibitors and traders.

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