Food & Drink

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes – although you can’t bring any glass on site, and we do have a very reasonably priced and well stocked bar. Please note, any glass containers found will be confiscated and returned on departure.

What are the bar prices like?

Amazing!! And as it happens, similar to Oxfordshire pub prices; Overland beers are beautifully kept and just £3.00 a pint.

What does the bar stock?

An excellent selection of real ales including our very own Overland Pale and Overland Dark, plus lager, ciders, wines and spirits. Beers are all cask or keg and beautifully kept.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes – although you can’t bring any glass on site. Stew on arrival is complimentary and we do have a selection of hot food for sale at breakfast, lunch and dinner times during the weekend.

What food is available?

We always provide a ‘taste of the world’, ensuring that authentic food vendors are on site to enable you to enjoy a global culinary experience throughout the weekend.

Can I bring my own food to barbeque?

Yes – there are communal barbeque facilities on the campsite for you to use. If you don’t want to bring charcoal with you we have a stock available to buy in the Overland shop. Disposable barbeques are not allowed.

Is there an under cover eating area?

Yes, indoors and well heated!

Is water freely available?

Yes, drinking water is available free of charge. Bring your own reuseable container or get an Overland recycled plastic camping mug for just a fiver.

What about tea and coffee?

Tea and instant coffee at the Overland Event are FREE all weekend. Bring our own mug though, or buy an Overland recycled plastic travel mug! If you prefer hot chocolate, soup or bovril, please donate something to our chosen charity.

Tickets & Admission

Will I be sent tickets when I buy my Event Passport?

You will be sent an automatic registration confirmation email, as well as a payment confirmation email from PayPal. Please check your spam/junk folder in case either go astray. WE DO NOT ISSUE PAPER TICKETS.

Are there any Day Tickets?

No, we DO NOT sell Day Tickets, either in advance or on the day. The Overland Event is a uniquely immersive experience with a very relaxed atmosphere which comes from having a stable community developing onsite throughout the event rather than a new population arriving and departing each day.

I can’t come for the whole weekend, can I still arrive on the Saturday?

Yes – but you’ll still need an Event Passport which covers the whole weekend (see above). If you can’t make the whole weekend then you can’t get to see all of the speakers or get fully immersed in the event, so we encourage you to arrive on Friday (or Thursday night when there will be entertainment in the bar!) but you’ll receive a warm welcome whenever you arrive.

Do you offer refunds?

No. As per our terms and conditions, the entry ticket (“Event Passport”) amount you pay is non-refundable.

What is the cut-off date for advance ticket sales?

Advance sales of Event Passports for the Winter Warmer usually sell out within a few weeks of going on sale so we've never had a cut-off date...

Can we go on and off site after we arrive?

Yes, you (and your bike!) are free to come and go as you please if you want to head off for a bit. However, please do not go the wrong way on the one-way route between the gate and the campsite.

When does the gate open?

You can arrive any time from 4pm on Friday 7th February 2020. Get your tent set up and enjoy a hot and wholesome bowl of stew. Please don't arrive on Thursday as we do not have access to the venue and you will be crashing the mother and baby group. Arrive early on the Friday and you'll be given a job - manning the gate to remind everyone access is from 4pm...

What if the Registration Tent is closed when I arrive?

A list of telephone numbers is displayed on the main gate at all times when registration is closed. If you arrive late at night, just give us a ring and we’ll come and get you.

Do I need to show my wristband every time I come back on to the site?

Yes, even if you’re riding back onto site. You may be asked to show it at any time whilst on site.

Can I stay on Sunday night and leave on Monday morning?

No, sorry. The venue has other uses and Overland Events are vacating it on Sunday evening

Health, Safety & Security

What about security?

Obviously we won’t put our security arrangements online, but rest assured we are committed to your safety and to preventing bike thefts! However, an essential part of that is vigilance and common sense preparation by everyone. If you see ANYONE on site without a wristband, either challenge them yourself or contact an organiser (by grabbing anyone with a radio), likewise with reporting any suspicious activity. Also, do lock up your bike just as you would normally. You can even make new friends by chaining bikes together…

What happens when I arrive?

On arrival you’ll be greeted by the volunteers at the Registration Tent who’ll take you through the checking-in process. You’ll just be asked for your name and the email address so they can find you on the list and issue you with your wristband, which must remain on for the duration of the event. Then you’ll be directed to the campsite and shown where the hot stew is!

Can we have a fire on the campsite?

No campfires, but there is a large communal campsite fire. There’ll be plenty of wood so please don’t go scavenging. Ask a volunteer.

Is there first aid cover?

Yes, a team of qualified first aiders provide 24-hour cover. If you require a first aider just ask a volunteer with a radio, or at night call one of the numbers displayed on the gate. If you are a first aider please do let us know in advance. The more the merrier!

What are the rules about smoking on site?

You can smoke on site outside structures, but all butts MUST be collected and disposed of as none of us like littering. Please respect the environment.

Accomodation & Facilities

How much camping space is there?

The site has ample, perfectly level camping space so if you want to be well away from everyone there is certainly room.

What are the toilets like?

There are fully plumbed porcelain loos onsite, male and female.

Are there showers available?

Yes, hot showers are free!

Is there a limit on tent size?

No, although if you turn up with a big top we might expect you to entertain us…

Programme & Activities

What is the full timetable?

The most up-to-date schedule will be on display around the site and emailed to you beforehand.

Will print-outs of the schedule be available on site?

Not as handouts, no, because we’re keen to minimise waste and avoid littering the venue site. However, the schedule will be displayed on posters around the site, so you’ll always have easy reference to what’s going on.

What time do the bands finish? Will I be kept awake by music if I camp?

Music finishes at 11:00pm and you can ask on arrival to be directed to the quieter area of the campsite.

Is there mobile phone reception?

We haven’t tested comprehensively, so can’t vouch for every network in every part of the site, but generally there is terrible mobile phone reception. We can vouch for the fact that it's much better in the northern Kenyan desert. Don't worry though, there'll be other people in the same situation so you can talk to each other, even reminisce about that time 10 years ago when you hadn't even heard of a smartphone...


What's different about the Overland Event? Is it just another bike rally?

The Overland Event is founded in the written word – all of our presenters are either published authors of books about their travels, have written for Overland Magazine, or are film makers. Because the Overland Event doesn’t have Day Tickets, it is an immersive experience and has a uniquely relaxed atmosphere. Over the course of the Event you become part of a community of Overlanders.

Is smiling mandatory?

No, but you’ll be having such a good time, you won’t be able to stop yourself.

How can I help out?

Contact us and offer to volunteer! We need help with everything from registering new arrivals to checking the bins and providing first aid cover – the event couldn’t run without our fabulous volunteers.

What is access like for people with disabilities?

There is step-free access to all key areas of the site, but if you would like us to reserve a camping area for you near to the main areas then please contact us in advance.

Is there a cashpoint on site?

No, so bring plenty of cash with you! But there is one 2 miles away in the Byfield village co-op.

Can I pay by card?

Card payments are accepted at the Overland Shop and the Overland Bar but not by the food vendor, so bring some cash!

What do I need to bring?

Yourself, some money and a sleeping bag are the essentials! Obviously if you’re camping you may also want to bring a tent…

Is there WiFi?

No. Some mobile networks may have data coverage however.

Is there somewhere to charge a mobile phone?

Yes, there is an extension lead in the Overland Bar where you can charge your phone free of charge, subject to availability (although a charity donation is welcome). Bring your own phone charger. Leaving your equipment unattended is at your own risk.

What if the weather is bad?

The beauty of the Winter Warmer site is that it takes place primarily in buildings rather than tents and the site is pretty well drained.

Can I bring a dog?

Yes, but its responsibility is yours, as is collecting any poo. Entry of dogs to the presenttion buildings will be dependent on the approval of other attendees.

Can I bring my camper van?

Yes, but parking is limited, so please contact us beforehand to reserve your campervan space. There will be a £10 charge for parking your camper.

We don't have many rules at the Winter Warmer, but we ask that you observe the following...

No glass. Reserve a campervan space (£10) if you want it and please wear your wristband. Be sociable!

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