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Adventure Bike Shop to the Rescue!

They've done it again, and we don't ask about their motivation, but we're delighted that Cliff and Jenny from The Adventure Bike Shop have chosen to sponsor the bar!

Purveyors of fine motorcycle parts, accessories and apparel (and Touratech's outlet for the South East of the UK) Cliff and Jenny have done a wealth of adventure travel themselves, making them well placed to offer advice on what to buy and how to use it. They also happen to be great people to deal with.

At the Overland Event 2020 there will actually be multiple bar outlets to minimise queue lengths and a token system to reduce infection risk - ticket holders will be sent information on how this works. To make things manageable in this exceptional year we have had to reduce the variety of ale available this year (although still a better variety than many events!) but certainly not the quality, and the token system means all pints will be the same price - which is great news if you're a Guinness drinker as it means a price drop!

The full list of what will be available will be online soon - but will definitely include our legendary Overland Pale and Overland Dark.


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