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Algeria calling

It's in the very nature of overland travellers to remain curious and take the less-travelled route 'just to see...'. Perhaps the epitomy of this charater trait is seen in Chris Scott, the author of the 'Adventure Motorcycle Handbook' and undoubtedly the world's foremost authority on motorcycle travel in the mighty Sahara. He's been crossing it this way and that for over 30 years!

Chris has regularly presented at the Overland Events, always with information to entrall visitors, but that information isn't something he can google, he goes out there and discovers the reality first-hand.

It seems that a new route may have opened up in Algeria and he is compelled to go out there to see if it's true and if it's a viable track for adventuring motorcyclists. Even though that means he'll miss the Winter Warmer this February, we wish him well in his endeavour as every single one of us will benefit from his research. Don't worry though, he'll be at The Overland Event in the summer.


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