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Friday night at the Winter Warmer...

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

On Friday night at the Winter Warmer, when you are full of warm wholesome stew, settle back with your favourite beverage and hear tales of derring-do from Ken McGreevy who's coming over from Ireland to present. If you don't know of Ken you are in for a treat.

This will certainly not be a 'travel hints and tips' lecture, more of a 'sure life on the road is all a bit of craic!'

There'll be stories like what it's like to take an ex-police GT550 shaftie deep into the Kazakh desert only to write the whole plot off when rushing to an appointment with the UN. Yes really. Ken is the living embodiment of what happens when you don't plan too much, but do choose to take the world's law enforcement officers into your heart and learn the art of getting released from arrest within minutes. Or something like that...


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