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Another Harley at the Overland Event?!

In this case, it's not a bike, we're talking music! Thursday night at The Overland Event has for the last couple of years been the night for acoustic guitar in the Overland Bar, but this year it's stepping up a notch (well, several notches to be honest) and moving into the main marquee, because we've managed to bag a master of the blues, Martin Harley.

How? Well, it turns out Martin rides a classic Dakar GS and loves all things Overland, so how could we not make some magic happen! Music Rader placed him #7 in the World's Greatest Blues Guitarist poll, and if you haven't seen him before, you have a real treat in store.

Thursday night at The Overland Event - be there, you won't regret it. “Harley offers the listener a masterclass in taste, style and roots blues” – Guitarist Magazine

“No doubt that he is a slide guitar master. He is the business” – Roots Magazine

“Spellbinding” – The Guardian

“Quite simply a great live act” – Time Out London


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