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Breakfast with Tiffany

With all the last minute changes everyone is experiencing in 2020, some of those who thought they'd be out of the country will now be able to attend The Event this year. We're pleased to say that one of those new presenters is Tiffany Coates!

Tiffany is the world’s foremost female motorcycle adventurer, having travelled over 300,000 miles crossing every continent, some of them several times. Each year she heads off on new adventures. She discovered motorbike travel by accident after several years of backpacking though. Her initial two-wheeled adventure involved riding overland to India when she set off two-up on a BMW R80GS alongside her best friend, with just two months' riding experience between them. She simply hasn't stopped since!

Overland Magazine has featured some of her stories from those early journeys but at The Event she's going to talk about 22 Years of Travel: The Trials & Tribulations – Scary Moments as A Motorbike Traveller. In other words all the risky episodes that she doesn’t tell her parents about: stuff from every continent.

Amazed by how quickly the years and the countries have passed, Tiffany will be recounting a round-up of mishaps from her various trans-continental journeys. So just what can go wrong...? Guns in the ‘Stans, wild animals in the Americas, bandits in several countries as well as the inevitable fuel shortages and mechanical breakdowns in the dodgiest places. She'll explain how using desperate measures of ingenuity, humour and at least eight of her nine lives has resulted in not just surviving, but flourishing on the road. If you want any reasons for your loved ones to prevent you setting off, this is the presentation for them!

Remote riding adventures are her passion, something she now shares with others in her role as freelance motorcycle guide, working with the biggest names in the industry. This is someone you really should meet, at any time of day!


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