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You raised over £3,000 last summer!

The Overland Event charitable fundraising reached £3,028 pounds last year, which was a huge bost to the work of Pikilily, our chosen charity for 2022.

Pikilily predominently works in Tanzania and is an organisation dedicated to delivering motorcycle ambulance services, safe motorcycle training and female empowerment.

They offer repair services and road safety and maintenance training to organisations and to individuals and their vision is a world where motorcycles are the solution and not the problem.

Pikilily was started by Claire Elsdon, an overland traveller who had had enough of financial life in London and set off down Africa on her DRZ.

When we told her that donations ahead of The Event even starting had reached over £1,500 she was delighted and said that amounted to almost a third of annual running costs. Great news indeed, but when we told the crowd in the main marquee on Saturday night, a 2 minute whip round doubled that amount!

Now, in 2023, we're supporting The Air Ambulance service in the UK, but you can discover details of all the charities we've supported over the last 10 years, by clicking on our 'Good Causes' page.


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