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Coronavirus Update 3 - The Event is ON!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

We've been saying for months "If it's safe and legal to hold the event, it will happen", well now we can say without those caveats The Overland Event 2020 is ON!

Following developments in government guidance over the last few weeks, (including the announcement yesterday that outdoor performances of live music can take place), and discussions with our licensing authority about our control measures, almost all the elements of the usual Event will now be able to take place, albeit with a few changes to the norm. But change is exciting!

For example, under the regulations (The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (No. 2) (England) Regulations 2020, Statutory instrument No 684, Regulation 5 if you must know...), we can only have 30 people in each indoor space at a time, so the audience for each presentation will be limited, (however presentations will be re-run over the weekend so you still get an opportunity to see them!), the main marquee won't have walls (which makes it outside) and some extra presentations may even be run as campfire talks...

ALL Event Passports will be sold in advance and NO Gate Passports will be available. All Event Passport holders will be sent full details re-emphasising the controls in place including the need to wear a face covering when indoors for presentations, and reminding anyone who feels unwell not to attend (their ticket can be rolled over to 2021).

It will be REALLY important to READ all of the information we send out this year, so please, check your spam if you think you're not hearing from us over the next seven weeks!

This year’s Event will have a LOT of waving instead of hugging, smiling with the eyes from under a mask (or inside a crash helmet!) and extra cleaning by all concerned. In order to make sure that all of this is manageable, we are having to restrict ticket numbers, and so (at the time of writing) only 103 more tickets will be sold to this year’s event - if you don't already have one, get one NOW!


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