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So we have the government's announcement on what will and won't legally be required by the time the Overland Event is upon us in September (unless they make a U-turn again of course... such crazy things have been known to happen!).

As you can imagine we watch all such developments keenly - but we don't rely purely on what the government's rules are, we make our own decisions to manage the risk in a way that makes sense. That's how we managed to run The Event last year, both legally AND with zero cases of COVID transmission. That meant asking you to do some things which kept us all safe, regardless of whether the government was at that point mandating them or not - and together we did it. We managed to have a LOT of fun with minimal inconvenience and thanks to you all doing what we'd asked of you, nobody got COVID.

So... what will the Overland COVID Rules be this year? In short, we don't know yet! We have a range of options open to us, and like having a load of tools in the toolbox we'll choose the tools we need to address the situation we have at the time. When one of your star presenters is a 90-year-old (with others in their seventies and eighties, and others with compromised immunity) you have to be careful - but at the same time, Ted Simon and friends want to have fun with as few restrictions as possible, the same as the rest of us do!

So watch this space, and the emails to ticket holders, and we'll keep you updated on exactly what we'll have in place nearer the time, but as it will depend on national transmission rates at the time, we won't decide which tools we need to apply until a couple of weeks before the Event itself. We'll have the minimum of controls we need to keep us all safe - but we will have all the controls we need to keep us all safe.

With your help, we'll have another year of being socially close, whether we have to do any degree of physical distancing or not by then, and we'll all work together to keep all of our wonderful Overland community safe to continue having fun for many years to come.


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