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Exploring Oxfordshire off-road

The Oxfordshire TRF will show you the beautiful surroundings of the Overland Event from a different angle - by taking you on and off the tarmac through Oxfordshire and the neighbouring counties.

Apart from exploring the countryside, you will also gain more confidence if you come to the end of the road on your travels and have to continue on unpaved tracks.

Please note that the lanes around Oxford are not exactly big trailie-friendly; we have miles of ruts, mud and chalk, and while we have tried to pick routes suitable for bigger bikes, you should at least have decent knobbly tyres.

· Please make sure that you are self sufficient if you have a puncture, and that you carry your own bike-specific tools and spares.

· Take lots of water and small energy-rich snacks – trail riding is a good workout! Protective gear and sturdy boots are also essential.

· Please respect the countryside and other users you'll meet on the trails.

· You are taking part in these rides at your own risk.

Please register onsite at the TRF stand by entering your name and your bike in one of the groups on the list and come to the meeting point at the time given by the TRF team. There will be 3 separate rides so check the presentation schedule and pick what suits you!

1. Saturday morning 9.30 to 12.30 hrs

2. Saturday afternoon 13.30 to 16.30 hrs

3. Sunday morning 9.30 to 12.30 hrs

The Trail Riders Fellowship has a code of conduct that they follow on ride-outs. If you plan to join one of their runs this weekend, please familiarise yourself with those guidelines.

Have a great time!


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