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Praying for Free Entry to Overland Event 2020?

Well yes, it's possible! Access to all that free tea and coffee, those incredible presentations and workshops, the truly wonderful bike show, great food, music and the stunning real ale bar, can be completely FREE, if you've decided to come to Vietnam with us in November!

Overland Magazine has teamed up with RAMS Adventures who have been exploring Vietnam for 11 years. They now know how to put together an incredible tour and we'll be exploring the north of this fascinating country with them, visiting everything from remote hill tribes to the bustling and chaotic city of Hanoi.

The remarkable £1999 price includes ALL food, fuel, accommodation, bikes, guides, paramedics, city tours... and entry to the 2020 Overland Event where you'll get to meet your fellow travellers well ahead of departure.

Come and EXPLORE VIETNAM with us!


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