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Fringe benefits this year

Always innovating and always providing something new, at The Overland Event this year we'll have a barber - no appointment necessary!

Temporarily escaped from the salons of London and Oxford, where he's learnt his trade over many years, George will be offering all kinds of cuts and you can choose what to pay him!

This is just another opportunity to help us raise funds for charity.

Relax in the ambient atmosphere of our bike show and famous chill-out zone and decide if you'd like him to give you a trim or sort out that facial fuzz. Imagine yourself visiting a street vendor in some far-off part of the world, or watch others in the chair and just mullet over... The price is yours.

He's well-travelled too, and as a rider himself even understands helmet hair.

Hairdressing or barbering, he's a master of both!


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