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Fundraising at Event 2021!

With your incredible help and generosity we have been able to present the guys at Mental Health Motorbike with a cheque for £3,078.50!

Overland Events chose to support Mental Health Motorbike throughout 2021 because, well because it's a bloody good cause!

Everyone can succumb to the pressures of modern life and it's important to be able to get some help when that happens. Motorcyclists, especially overland motorcyclists, are a very special bunch and we're proud of the friendly community that we've built, but sometimes we all need a little more.

Mental Health Motorbike exists to create meaningful opportunities so that together we grow the wellbeing of the motorbike community and ultimately save lives.

The organisation is growing, now with 28 volunteer staff, 116 qualified Mental Health First Aider’s, 103 Ambassadors and 18 online moderators. They are still in early days but have high ambitions for how they want the biker community to engage with everyone's long term wellbeing.

They aimed to create the country's first, free, dedicated mental health first aid network for bikers in 2021 and have overcome the first major obstacle, gaining full charity status this month. Paul Oxborough and his incredible team of volunteers deserve a round of applause!

Registered Charity Number 1196406

Thanks again for your incredible generosity.


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