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Getting traction with Dunlop

We're delighted to announce that this year Dunlop are supporting The Overland Event and working with us to provide something extra special. Watch this space for more info on that!

We are particularly happy to be working with them because no matter how you like to ride, there’s a Dunlop tyre that’s perfect for you and your bike. Ever since John Boyd Dunlop's pneumatic tyre invention in Belfast, way back in 1888, Dunlop have been at the forefront of tyre technology. They never stop trying to improve riders’ grip, control and safety.

Continually developing new technologies, they have an incredible range of tyres to suit every kind of adventure and touring machine. All their ideas are thoroughly tried and tested in racing conditions so you can concentrate on nothing but the road ahead. And just ride.

Most recently released is the 'Mutant' a crossover tyre that we can attest really combines the best of many worlds: the kind of handling and stability you expect from hypersport tyres, the very best grip in wet conditions this side of racing wets, and the kind of durability that you would hope to find among touring fitments. And they look great!

The superb wet weather performance is thanks to a tread pattern that takes elements from wet racing, supermoto and dirt track tyres and combines that with state of the art compounds and resins for rapid warm-up performance and long-life durability.

But if you like more knarly riding on your DRZ, or more relaxed tarmac cruising on your Harley, every imaginable niche is catered for and you'll be able to see the huge range at this years Event.


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