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Learn those techniques!

We are delighted that for a 4th year Sinnis will be supplying their Terrain 125s for use in the MotoSkills Course. No longer air-cooled, it's the new Euro 5 water-cooled T125 model that you'll be able to use if you've ever wondered "just what technique is needed to ride up steps", or deal with any number of other obstacles you're bound to meet when riding the world!

So if you want to learn how to manage a bike on a narrow gangplank, you can learn with some expert tuition and start on a bike that isn't even yours. What could be better?

The Sinnis Terrains have proven themselves a great tool for the course in the past and have also proven themselves as worthy overland machines. Holly Waller and Paul Cottee successfully completed the Mongol Rally before Covid, riding from London to Ulan Ude, and both of their bikes have appeared at The Event too, in the bike show alongside loads of other machines that have undertaken marathon journeys.

Sinnis are further supporting The Overland Event this year by providing our globetrotting visitor from Australia, Linda Bootherstone-Bick, with a bike to use while she's in the UK and there'll be more on that soon.

The MotoSkills Course, just like the tea and coffee, is free, you just need to register your interest with Cogs, Jim and the team when you arrive.

So if you want to board a dugout canoe in Sierra Leone, or access urban accommodation in Guatemala or India, you'll be equipped with hints, tips and practise!


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