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we're delighted with Exotogg support!

We are delighted that the 2020 Winter Warmer is being supported by EXOTOGG, creators of the inflatable thermal layer.

Created by Tony Hawkins, who has been riding for over 20 years, this hugely effective product has already won best clothing at UK OUTDOOR AWARDS 2019. It’s such a simple and effective idea it’s remarkable that it wasn’t considered before!

By using your own breath to alter the level of thermal insulation provided it’s incredibly flexible for a wide variety of conditions on and off the bike. In fact, with only simple Velcro straps holding front a rear together, it can opened completely and used as an inflatable floor/snoozing mat, a pillow, or adjusted to act as a camping seat. Perfect for use when travelling in fact. And the batteries can never run out...

Exotogg is made from durable, flexible, and puncture resistant material. It’s made for the all-season outdoor enthusiast who doesn’t want to pack many different layers for unpredictable weather. Because as we all know, we can only carry so much.

You’ll be able to see the product for yourself at The Winter Warmer and talk to Tony about all the R&D that’s gone into it.


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