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New Dunlop Raids!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Remember that Dunlop are going to be on hand at The Overland Event this year and will be showing the wide range of tyres they now have for all kinds of bikes.

They've recently added another tyre to the Trailmax family of overland and adventure tyres too.

This time it’s a 50/50 trail tyre, the Trailmax Raid. Designed for 50% on-road and 50% off-road use, the new offering is the latest addition to Dunlop’s strong presence in our overlanding world, and the Trailmax range of tyres will be on display at this year’s Overland Event, along with a team of Dunlop experts, so you can ask all about it.

Developed as a true 50/50 tyre, Trailmax Raid combines expertise and technology from Dunlop’s extensive adventure riding and touring range with that from its off-road sector. It is suitable for a wide range of bikes from mid-size dual sports to large adventure bikes, offering off-road ability and predictability paired with superb wet weather capability and long-distance touring performance.

The guys from Dunlop will be on hand at The Overland Event throughout the weekend to explain how the new Raid tyre sits in Dunlop’s trail range alongside the more established Trailmax Meridian and Mission tyres, which have both become very popular tyres for adventure touring since their release three years ago. Where the Meridian offers only mild off-road capability, and the Trailmax Mission much more, the Trailmax Raid is designed specifically for riders who demand regular off-road performance.

The Raid’s design was inspired by Dunlop’s D908 RR, a purely off-road rally raid tyre, but combines the technology and knowledge developed through their successful road and track divisions. This has created a blocky profile that delivers excellent off-road braking and traction and particularly reassuring performance on wet tarmac, while at the same time looking great!

Trailmax Raid will be available in three front sizes, covering 19 and 21-inch fitments, and six rear sizes for 17 and 18-inch wheels. You can find out more here and see some of the Trailmax range below: L-R Meridian, Mission and Raid


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