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Please stay home, don't ride, and we'll all be able to get together in September

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We need to get serious. In the great scheme of things, being under temporary house arrest - with leave to go out for exercise - isn't the most terrible of things.

Consider for a moment the plight of refugees or the homeless who have no home to remain in, or consider the conditions endured by the millions in the world whose lives we observe as we ride our bikes on some epic journey.

Please leave your bike in the shed/garage/living-room, keep yourself and others safe and there will be time again to ride. It will doubtless be even more enjoyable when experienced again.

Yes, you'll be wearing protective clothing. Yes, you'll be in isolation. Yes, you'll have your gloves on when you fill up. But coronavirus is much more important than a cheap meme on social media. The UK is now experiencing the sad demise of otherwise fit and healthy people in their 20s and 30s. You and your loved ones are not immune.

Knuckle down for the sake of us all and we can all ride to Oxford in September to meet at The Overland Event when this thing should have passed.

Relax and take advantage of the enforced slow down. Talk to your friends and family. Read more. Sit with a book and feel your blood pressure return to what it should be. Overland Magazine does have a sale on back issues and on books as they can't get out and about to shows and motorcycle gatherings either. Take advantage of it if you wish, but most importantly, stay home. Clean the bike. Modify the bike. Just sit and look at it. But please don't ride it. Not now.

See you in September!

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