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Serow sagas sing!

Helen Lloyd launched her new book 'Iceland Serow Saga' at The Winter Warmer and it fairly flew off the shelves. Or table...

Her 225cc Yamaha had already brought her the length of Africa and across Europe when she pressed it into service for a 3-month exploration of Iceland during what turned out to be one of the wettest summers on record! Although Helen had thought she'd retire the Serow after the punishment it received on the North Atlantic island, and it certainly looked very second-hand on its return when it was on show at the Overland Event in September 2019, she's preparing to set off on it again. This time the ultimate destination is Australia.

Iceland Serow Saga is Helen Lloyd's third book about her travels and given her beautiful writing and how resourceful her style of travel is, we can't wait to see if another book comes out of th enext big trip!

For a review of her latest tale, click here.


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