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Steph Jeavons; where in the world?

Steph Jeavons will be another of the incredible female adventurers appearing at The Overland Event in September, but you may wonder what she’s been doing since her epic four-year and seven-continent ride around the world. Just where is she now?

Well, she’s spending most of her time in North Wales playing in the mud. To be more specific she is now an official Moto Junkie, offering trail-riding and training days, on-road touring and off-road riding weekends (with bunkhouse accommodation and fantastic cooking!) bike hire of the brand new Honda CRF300L, and she even offers 6-day coast-to-coast trail and road-riding trips.

But she’s not alone and Steph now works with Tony ‘the Welsh legend’ Williams who has been riding motorbikes and mapping out trails before most of us were doing our first oil change! They have come together as Moto Junkies to bring the best of Wales to everyone and to use it not just for relaxation and enjoyment, but also to improve your riding skills so that no matter where you go, you’ll be better prepared. Remember, before Steph set off on her own mammoth overland trip on her CRF250, she had established and been running Honda UK’s Off-Road training school. These are people who really know their stuff.

So while 2021 looks like it’ll be another year without meaningful overseas travel, perhaps you should consider spending time in beautiful Snowdonia with someone who has ridden the world and still chooses to spend her time there! See Moto Junkies for more info, but do note that until the Welsh Government alter the current regulations, you’ll just have to look at these pictures and salivate.

So if you haven't managed to get to Wales before September 2nd, you can come along to Oxford and see her at The Overland Event. So much happened on her incredible journey that we don't yet know exactly what she'll be talking about, but rest assured she will be, as always, inspirational and bloody funny.


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