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Test ride Royal Enfields this year

Royal Enfield supported The Event a couple of years ago and we're pleased that they are doing what they can, within Covid restrictions, to bring some bikes to offer test ride opportunities again this year.

They'll have some Himalayans on hand and might be showing off the new colour range. It's the mild-mannered 411cc single that is impressing reviewers, selling like hotcakes and already taking people on global adventures.

We're pleased that they are also bringing the Interceptor 650 Twin which is as close to pure motorcycling as you're likely to get; straightforward, smooth, easy to ride. I am very lucky to have one on a longterm test at the minute and a full review will be forthcoming on Bring your flying jacket and umbrella to immerse yourself in the nearest you'll get to the Ted Simon experience.*

(* please note, if you haven't yet read Ted Simon's Jupiter's Travels, the tale of his epic 4-year global journey, then that last paragraph will mean absolutely nothing to you, but you should still sample the Interceptor. Even though Ted rode a Triumph...)

See a full range of the models available at RoyalEnfield


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