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The Overland Bar is no Token gesture...

As part of our #COVIDsecure arrangements at the event this year, we've made some important changes to how The Overland Bar works, including making them Token ONLY.

Sponsored by our good friends at The Adventure Bike Shop, the Overland Bar will as always have a good selection of ales (not quite as much variety this year as our usual mini beer festival, although still more than most events) plus all of the usual other drinks (lagers, ciders, Guinness, wines, spirits and even something called "soft drinks" which we've not tried ourselves but we hear are popular in some quarters).

We even have THREE bar points this year - one by the food court for Overland Ale (Pale and Dark - Saturday only), one by the campsite with a wider selection, and our usual bar which this year will be a servery only, with a one-way system.

However, in order to minimise queues and avoid the need for our fabulous bar staff to have to handle any cash, the payment will all be by token ONLY. You will be able to buy extra tokens on site, but to avoid having to queue buy them in advance via the website!

Tokens are available in "5 Pint" bags and "20 Pint" bags, but each bag will contain a mix of pint and half pint tokens, and half pint tokens can be used for soft drinks. To give you a little extra incentive to preorder, as well as avoiding queuing there is even a discount of over 7% on every 20 Pint bag bought in advance (note that this discount applies to advance sales ONLY). Your tokens will be ready for you to collect at reception along with your wristband, meaning once the tent is up you can head straight for the bar! Head over to the website and buy your Bar Tokens HERE.


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