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The Prime Minister has spoken...

...and I may be paraphrasing here, but he said something like "all roads can lead to The Overland Event 2021".

As the vaccine rollout continues at a great rate, and the situation improves on an almost daily basis, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has today outlined his road map for recovery.

From the return of schools on March 8th, to what he hopes will be the removal of all limits on social contact for both indoor and outdoor settings after 21st June, it appears we can say without doubt that The Overland Event 2021 is on!

2020 was a terrible year for many people and we feel for those who have suffered the most. The Event was only made possible last year by the hard work of all our volunteers and the agreement of all those who attended to strictly follow the rules we'd put in place to maintain public safety. We were the only motorcycle travel event that took place last year, albeit with restricted numbers, and we can't wait to welcome everyone this September 2nd - 5th.

See you there!


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