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The Schedule!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Still subject to potential changes (COVID still having an impact on those coming in from abroad, and the potential for getting pinged for those closer to home!), but here is the Schedule for The Overland Event 2021!

It's a packed line-up and we're genuinely delighted to have the presenters we've got this year, with old favourite Sam Manicom able to return to us this year after so long of having to shield, and Mary Sievier who we're sure will become a new favourite - quite the tale to tell and full of character!

Copies of the schedule will be put up around the site, but if you want to plan ahead, you can download it now.

2021 Overland Event Schedule FULL ONLINE
Download PDF • 366KB

Take a look and see what's on when and we've colour coded presentations that are getting a repeat to make those tricky decisions a little bit easier when you have a schedule clash!


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