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Touchdown at the Winter Warmer

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

As the Women Riders World Relay (WRWR) baton nears the completion of its round-the-world journey, it will return to the UK in early February. Having originally started its incredible journey back on 27th February in John O'Groats at the top of Scotland, the baton has since been around the world and will officially resume its travels in the UK at the Overland Winter Warmer. Hayley Bell, the originator of the whole project, will be flying in from UAE where the baton currently is, and handing over at Manchester Airport to Michelle Lamphere who is flying in from the USA to present at The Winter Warmer. It's slick operation!

When the weekend event is over the baton will be carried to Land’s End and to a handful of celebratory events before arriving at the finish line in London. More than 3,500 women motorcyclists have united to traverse nearly 80 countries and log 100,000 kilometers in the first relay of its kind. Members of the group will travel from around the world to celebrate at the finale event in London on February 15th at The Bike Shed, EC1V 9LT


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