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Want to know about BAJA?

Updated: 6 days ago

We’re so pleased to be able to already announce one of our overseas speakers for 2025!

Flying in from Washington DC, Molly Harrison will be doing at least two presentations as she’s travelled so far through the Americas, Europe and Asia. However, she really loves Mexico and the Baja peninsula so apart from attending her talk, if you’ve ever thought of going there you should really catch her for a chat too. She’s ridden Mexico on the dirt and on black-top and has even worked as pit crew on the Baja 1000! She always stays with locals and has a great feel and understanding of the place, so is full of information about everything from ferries to the Baja 1000 rally raid of course!

Molly started riding as an adult and quickly fell in love with everything ‘two wheels’. She’s ridden long distance and commuted, has taught beginner motorcycle classes in the US for 8 years, has ridden on the racetrack and off road.

At home in the US she has a regular corporate job so needs to get creative planning adventures that fit with holiday time. She keeps honeybees and chickens, hikes and camps with her two energetic labrador retrievers, rides her mountain bike to work, and makes routine pilgrimages to MotoGP/desert races, concerts and festivals, interesting tourist spots and anywhere worth riding to. Basically she likes to say 'Yes' alot!

She has presented at HU meetings in North America but The Overland Event will be the first time you’ll be able to catch her this side of the Atlantic.

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