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The Overland Event has developed a reputation for its relaxed vibe, fun features and inspiring presentations. Here’s a taste of what people have said about previous years.


Just make sure you do it again next year.

- Ted Simon

I hereby declare The Overland Event a resounding success!

Michael Bravo

Simply the best event in Europe for those who travel on motorcycles.

- Derek Mansfield

Superb achievement!

- Austin Vince

Thank you Paddy for all your hard work! 2018 was my third Event and felt the best so far! The atmosphere was fantastic, the food was great, met some old friends and made some new ones. Listened to some amazing tales and rekindled thoughts of adventure. The idea of reusable beer glasses and bring your own mug should be rolled out across the country and I was so pleased to read of the lack of rubbish on completion! Looking forward to next year!

- Tony Turpin

It’s a great place to meet awesome people.

- Stephen Baker

Absolutely loved it, my favourite event so far…. Here’s to next year!

- Bruce Smart

Brilliant weekend. Thanks to all the crew who made it happen.

- Steve Watkin

Fabulously relaxed vibe, like no other motorcycle weekend. - Alex Richards

Good fun good people and well worth it.

Nick Heseltine

Thanks to Paddy and the team for organising a superb event. We were inundated with test ride requests for the GP450 Adventure and it was a great opportunity to meet experienced and budding adventurers alike.

- John Drogan – CCM

Take a bow, it was a bloody good weekend! We look forward to next year’s event, make sure you let us know once you have a date please. - Cliff Batley, Adventure Bike Shop

From start to finish you feel a part of something great. Inspirational, informative and always someone new to talk over past, present and future ideas.

- Ingrid van der Schouw

A chilled out weekend of friendships renewed and made. Come and see what hundreds of other riders return to every year.

- Graeme Hoose

Thanks for making our [engagement] weekend even more special! Lorna and I were really impressed with the show and would love to get further involved with the mag and events too. Stay in touch! - Tom Broadway

Thanks guys, it was a great weekend; probably the best one I’ve been to. You could tell that you had put a great deal of effort in to the whole event. So much to see, do and great people to talk to and lots of goodies to spend my money on!! We’ve been talking about it ever since we left, and hoping there will be another one next year; if not sooner.

- John Hubbard

Fab event, great speakers, great venue, lovely laid back feel, and amazing beer. Oh, and somehow they managed to book perfect weather!

- Ian Williams

Absolutely first-rate event. Great speakers, fantastic surroundings, superb value for money. Favourite new place to get a hangover!

Matt Booth

Excellent event. Friendly atmosphere, great speakers, talks and demos. Wide variety of reasonably priced beer and food. Good services all round. See you next year!

- Sean Chandler

I absolutely loved it and it’s rekindled my fire, so to speak. Huge thankyou everyone involved.

- Dom Giles

Thanks for a fabulous weekend. All the staff and volunteers were great, there was a lovely relaxed vibe and catching up with friends old and new was great. Big thumbs up on the bikes on display, the size of the event, and good location in the centre-ish of the country. I really did enjoy myself.

- Kate Minchin

Awesome event. It was a privilege to attend. Thank you. - Doug

Brilliant weekend, cheers.

- Mared Eastwood

What a brilliant weekend…

- Xerxes Ru

Fantastic event. Well done to all. - Mick Simmons

An excellent weekend, lots to see and do. Plenty of talking to and from all and sundry which is my speciality. My “waiting to be read” book pile is now even higher. 

- Dave Owen

Great ambiance. Friendly crowd. Good speakers. Well organised. - Juergen Mueller

Great weekend nice and chilled atmosphere.

- Alan Poulter

Good vibe with interesting speakers – Chris Scott was a bit of a coup.

- Tim Lake

Brilliant event, so relaxed, no stress.

- Nicki Ratcliffe

It was a great event. Plenty to see and do. I thought the food was very reasonably priced. But most important there was a great vibe. See you next year.

- Mark Tarrant

I had a great time. Thanks for all the effort put in by all. Looking forward to next year.

- Nigel Smallridge

Great weekend from start to finish. Excellent venue, interesting talks, good food and beer. Thanks for organising.

- Andy Gray

Thanks to everyone else who worked so hard to make The Overland Event such an enjoyable weekend.

- Pat Garrod

Great location, beautiful bikes, fascinating speakers and wonderful folk.

- Michelle Solaro

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