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Free Beer!

We know what you're thinking... this must be too good to be true?

Well, it's not! This is your chance to have a pint on us! How does this work...

To celebrate our friends at The Adventure Bike Shop sponsoring "Scouse's Bar", we're going to be out and about at motorcycling events for the next few weekends spreading the news.

All you have to do is wear an Overland Event t-shirt (from any previous year) at any motorcycling gatherings you're at for the next few weekends and - if we spot you - we'll hand you a beer token valid for one pint of our beautiful real ales* at the Event this September!

(*or lager or cider if you prefer, obviously)

So, make sure you've popped on your Overland Event t-shirt before you head out and about this weekend and it could get you a free pint! See you out there!

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