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What you raised for the Air Ambulance

Updated: May 6

In 2023, and for reasons very close to the hearts of the Overland Team, we were raising money for The Air Ambulance.

Due to the generousity of everyone attending Overland Events in 2023 we were able to send £3,271.00 to Cornwall Air Ambulance. It costs a small fortune to keep an emergency helicopter airborne, doing the phenomenal, life-saving work that they do, but 'every little helps' as they say, so we hope to do more to assist in 2025.

The south west of England is a beautiful part of the world, and a great place to explore by motorcycle, but never forget just how rural it is. If the worst should happen and you need the help of the emergency services, those quaint narrow lanes twisting up and over the hills are suddenly the last thing you want to use when trying to reach an emergency hospital.

Rapid air transport is vital, but what never ceases to amaze is that The Air Ambulance is a charity and isn't paid for by Government! As Pete McCormick, one of the pilots said:

I have been told about your recent donation of £3,271.00, raised through the Overland Event, and I would just like to say a huge thank you for your generosity. Everyone at the Air Ambulance is most definitely happy that we were able to help your volunteer on the day; it's why we are here!

Your support really means a lot to me, the rest of the crew and everyone else here at the charity; it is important to us and it enables us all to continue helping people in their moment of greatest need.

In 2025 we'll be supporting Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance, for similar reasons, but you don't have to wait til then! There'll be an Air Ambulance charity operating in your area right now and you can support them anytime. They deserve it and in the meantime we can only hope you'll never need call on them. Click here to find your local one.


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