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HUBB UK news

It's with sadness that we have to report the recent announcement from Grant and Susan Johnson that HUBB UK won't be returning for the foreseeable future. It was the UK's premier meeting for those interested in all forms of overland travel whether by bicycle, motorcycle or 4x4, and a great opportunity for those using the Horizons Unlimited online travel forum to meet in person.

Born out of the experiences Grant and Susan had during their phenomenal 11 years riding RTW, (from 1987), the forum they set up embraced early internet technology to provide an up-to-date information source for travellers that has proven itself second to none. It grew at a phenomenal pace, providing real on-the-ground news about everything from border and river crossings to where you could find a spare part or good mechanic.

The Horizons Unlimited UK face-to-face gatherings developed from simple beginnings in Slough in 2001 through to 2015 when Grant's ill-health forced a year of absence and their decision not to go ahead.

It was in communication with Grant and Susan that we started The Overland Event that year, filling the void, but creating something based solely on motorcycle travel and linked directly to Overland Magazine to differentiate it from HUBB. We chose to celebrate the written word and only host presentations from authors and contributors to the magazine.

We could never hope to fill the massive hole left by HUBB UK so were pleased when they were able to return in June 2016 at their Baskerville Hall venue in Wales. It was for this reason that we moved our Overland Event from June to September, the two meetings therefore book-ending the summer season.

Having had to cancel HUBBUK in 2020, we hoped for their return this year but the pandemic is still underway, and now that Grant and Susan are back living full-time in Canada they've just experienced a terrible 2021, with incredible forest fires followed by devastating floods. We hope that 2022 will be a much better year for them.

The online Horizons Unlimited forum inspires so many and thankfully continues to operate as a magnificent resource for anyone travelling, or planning to. If you weren't previously aware of it we urge you to sign up and become a part of the greatest overland resource imaginable.

And remember, the HUBB gatherings in other parts of the world have not been affected and are still taking place as planned.


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