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Linda's Life on Two Wheels

In 1963, Linda Bootherstone-Bick’s sister was going out with a guy who was in a motorcycle club, so Linda went up to the club to see if there were any other nice young men up there… and fell in love.

However, it wasn’t one of the guys she got hooked on, she fell in love with bikes, a love affair which has continued ever since. In the mid-sixties, travelling to a rally in Germany, the travel bug bit her and she attended rallies all across Europe, including the FIM rally in Moscow in 1967.

Aged 23, Linda emigrated to Australia as a Ten Pound Pom, and from 1969-1971 along with Angie Griffin she explored her new homeland. Then in 1974, she rode down Africa to Capetown, on a trip that took 15 months and a lot of repairs.

Among many other travels, she celebrated her 60th birthday in the Himalayas while spending two years travelling overland from her then home in Spain back to Australia, while for her 70th birthday, she spent three months riding in Chile and Bolivia.

While COVID has interrupted her travelling for the last couple of years, she’s still riding and we’re absolutely delighted that she’s travelling from her home in South Australia to join us for The Overland Event 2022! As music is the other love of her life, dedicated folk musician Linda will be presenting on '60 years of Riding and Singing'.


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