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Mental Health First Aid

2020 has been a weird year - we know how difficult things have been for Overlanders stuck mid-trip in far off lands, and for those who have had to postpone or abandon long planned travels. It's even been tough if you weren't planning on going anywhere - the sense of isolation many have felt is one of the reasons we were so determined to pull out all the stops and make sure The Event ran in 2020. Seeing friendly faces at The Event is a tonic for us all.

Mental health is just as important in normal times as well though, and there are 18 suicides a day in the UK - more than three times as many as die in road crashes.

These tragedies can often be prevented by talking - talking to the right person at the right time. Mental Health Motorbike are a new organisation aiming improve mental health among motorcycle riders - firstly by developing a network of riders trained in Mental Health First Aid to prevent those tragedies, and then providing funding for courses and activities that will aid mental health recovery and long term well-being.

We're very pleased to say we are raising funds for Mental Health Motorbike throughout 2021 and that the money raised will be used to fund Mental Health First Aid courses for members of our Overland community.


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