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More uncertainty

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

So... Lockdown in Wales, lockdown in Northern Ireland, lockdown in Rep of Ireland. New Tier 3 restrictions have also been introduced in the north and south of England and Scotland has 5 Tiers of its own.

Where does that leave the Overland Winter Warmer next February??

Well we said we'd do everything we could to ensure the main Overland Event took place this summer while keeping everyone safe, and we did exactly that, enabling the only motorcycle or travel event of its kind in 2020.

We worked long hours in association with all the local authorities and showed how our systems and implementation would surpass government guidelines and regulations.

In the process we created an opportunity for the overland community to come together in the same friendly and relaxed atmosphere we're famous for and demonstrated yet again that we will do everything possible to provide you with the very best experience!

All of that holds true as we head into another wave of Covid-19 induced misery and uncertainty.

The Winter Warmer is scheduled for the weekend of 5th - 7th February and we are building in many contingency plans, not least the possibility of having to use another venue if our current one can't enable us to comply with the whatever regulations are in the place at the time.

Rest assured that it is our intention, just like in the summer, to run this Winter Warmer Event unless legislation or some other factor makes it an impossibility to do so.

We know how important it is and how much it means to our community. It has never been a financial decision.


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