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New book launch at Winter Warmer!

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The long-awaited new book by Helen Lloyd is to be launched on February 7th at The Winter Warmer. Entitled 'Iceland Serow Saga : Big adventures on a small motorbike' it's the gripping story of the months Helen spent exploring the heart of the land of fire and ice. They were in fact some of the wettest months on record... If you read the extract that appeared in issue 28 of Overland Magazine you'll know the journey wasn't plain sailing, but you'll also have realised just how engaging her writing is.

She has already published two books about her travels aboard a bicycle. The first 'Desert Snow' recounts her 2-year ride from the UK to Cape Town in South Africa. The second is even more bonkers. It's about the winter she spent cycling solo across Siberia. Yes, the WINTER! It's called 'A Siberian Winter's Tale' and helpfully sub-titled 'cycling to the edge of insanity and the end of the world'. Quite.

But the thing is, Helen just can't stop travelling and the star of her new book is the Yamaha Serow 225 that carried her northwards the length of Africa, so it was already tired before she set off.

We are absolutely thrilled that Helen has chosen the Overland Winter Warmer to release her new book and it means that every year we've been running Overland Events they've witnessed a book launch!


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