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Stop Press! Special Guest!

Walter Colebatch will be at The Overland Event this year!

Recognised for his pioneering work to open up adventure riding in Siberia, the most remote and vast region of the Eurasian land-mass, he’s also a motorcycle altitude record-breaker. But above all he’s a practical and accomplished adventure rider who works hard to bring the benefit of his experience to others.

You may be familiar with his 2009 Sibirsky Extreme project, riding into the depths of Siberia where no bike had gone before, which ultimately resulted in the book and DVD of the same name in 2012.

After years of trying we can at last confirm that Walter Colebatch will be on site on Saturday, squeezing a brief visit to the UK inbetween his other global appointments. Nobody knows more about riding in Siberia!

Click the image below to read the 'Encounter' feature in Overland Magazine from 2014.


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