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The Moment Collectors

New book by Sam Manicom and friends!

Sam Manicom is an incredibly well-respected travel writer with four of his own titles, all of which sprang from the many years he spent riding the world. Of course the pandemic put paid to any travelling for Sam, as it did all of us, but it couldn’t stop his mind travelling or force him to be idle.

So now in 2022, as we emerge into an almost post-Covid world, he is releasing a new book, this time written by ‘Sam Manicom and friends’. That’s incredibly apt as the authors, who come from all over the world, are indeed his friends. It’s called ‘The Moment Collectors’ and is a lovely collection of short stories from those riders who have spent years on the road, and those who may be relatively new to the joys of overlanding, but who can tell a good tale.

There are 20 contributors within 349 pages which gave me an opportunity to immediately discover some new writing talent. That’s undoubtedly the best part of any anthology; the fact that you can dip in and out, flicking to your author of choice to let them transport you to some far-off land.

The Moment Collectors has introduced me to some totally new names, like Daniel Byers, Ted Hely and Mark Donham and also read new writing by those authors I am already aware of, such as Michelle Lamphere and Geoff Hill. And it has let me enjoy the insight and honesty of Christian Brix and revel in what seems to be the ever-improving writing of Tim Notier (really, he just gets better and better!).

Throughout the book there are drawn illustrations by Simon Roberts, himself an overlander and author, which somehow add to the accessibility and comfort this book provides. I realise that may sound a little unconventional, but this is a publication that somehow oozes warmth and invites you in.

This is a cracking collection, and if every story doesn’t provide you with something to entertain or inform, they will certainly enable you to target your next book purchase or blog read.

Sam Manicom, I take my hat off to you for pulling together this assemblage of overland prose. While travel restrictions and winter still sit upon us, you have, once again, enabled me to escape.

'The Moment Collectors' by Sam Manicom and friends


Paperback 349pp


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